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Referees' reports - RLCS # 67

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"2009 European Parliament Elections in the Aragonese Press"

The article is the result of a funded research project on media and election campaigns in Aragon. Its wording is excellent and the structure clear and neat. It addresses a subject already addressed in other investigations but its originality lies in the perspective of the autonomous community in which the study is conducted.

The study will allow us to make comparisons about the national, regional or local treatment given to the European electoral campaigns in the diverse autonomous communities of Spain.

The bibliography is relevant and up-to-date. The review of the subject is suitable and is well-focused on the results obtained in the content analysis. It would have been interesting to know more about the categories analysed, specifically the “approach” and “assessment” categories.

The hypothesis, the national content of the campaign for the European elections, is widely verified. Indeed, the analysis of data is very descriptive, but correct and reinforces the findings obtained in other Spanish and European research projects on the treatment of the European Parliament election campaigns. I recommend the publication of the article without modifications. -Manuel Martín-Algarra, Ph.D. - University of Navarra

Reports on the article:

The article presents an empirical research project on the press coverage of the campaigning to the 2009 European elections in the Aragonese press, which is an object of study that, despite not being current, is relevant and offers important results, which are based on data obtained through a scientific methodology.

The results describe the logics employed in the media coverage of election campaigning, which provides a new conclusion to the current position on the subject, namely, that the national politics remains crucial in the election campaigns, even if they are European, and in the press coverage of any elections, even in the case of the local press.

Thus, based on the subject of study, the methodology, the wording, presentation of results, and its contribution to the field of knowledge this article deserves be published by RLCS without modifications.

It should be noted, however, that the results of the research have already been published somewhere else (Libros en red), and thus RLCS will not have the exclusivity of the contribution nor this article will provide an original and innovative research to the scientific community to which it is addressed. The rules of RLCS do not demand this exclusivity or consider the previous dissemination of research results in other media as negative; but it obviously damages the novelty and originality of the scientific contribution of this article. -Gloria Gómez-Escalonilla, Ph.D. - Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid.
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