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Referees' reports - 2012

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Reports: Communication Research. Bibliometric analysis of the most-cited ISI-indexed Journals

This article is especially interesting for the field of communication and clarifies important aspects for researchers who face the need to publish the results of their work.
The article is very well structured and written, is clear, and fully supported by data.
The methodological aspects are well explained and its matrices help the Spanish-speaking scientific community to understand the different aspects of the journals with the highest impact factors according to the ISI.

Also, the analysis makes us to reflect on the need to strengthen the systems of the Spanish-speaking countries to defend science developed in the Spanish language, although this is not the objective of the author(s).- Patricia Castellanos, Ph.D. - Open University of Catalonia, UOC, Barcelona.

Reports on the article:

The article presents detailed information on the bibliometric systems used to measure the impact and importance of scientific journals, which can be very useful for researchers interested in publishing their work as well as for new editors.

This article highlights the Anglo-centrism of the SSCI and the fact that the journals
Indexed by the SSCI are all supported by powerful business groups.

It is also very interesting to know the themes that the analysed communication journals address the most. Finally, the finding about the high inter-university collaboration (which is generally rare in Spanish journals of communication) is certainly important.- Raymond Colle, Ph.D. - Santiago de Chile.


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