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<meta name="DC.title" content="Nationalism and ideology in the Basque press during the Falklands War”/>
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<meta name="DC.Description" lang="en" content=“Revista Latina de Comunicación Social, RLCS, is a scientific journal edited at the University of La Laguna, ULL (Tenerife, Canary Islands) in the Laboratory of Information Technologies and New Analysis of Communication, LATINA according to its initials in Spanish, founded in 1987 by Dr. José Manuel de-Pablos-Coello, under the protection of special doctorate programmes for Latin American professors. The journal publishes under the main summary almost exclusively research papers written following the formula IMR&DC+B: introduction, methodology, results and discussion plus conclusion, with a updated bibliography: at least 70% of the bibliographic entries must be from the past 10 years and half of them from scientific journals in Spanish and English languages. Reviewers make a double blind peer examination. This is a collective and inter-university project, including many professors and researchers from almost all Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries. The journal is the following databases: EBSCO (USA), DOAJ (Lund University, Sweden), Redalyc (Mexico), Dialnet (Spain); and is indexed by the CINDOC-CSIC in DICE, ISOC, RESH, Office of Latin American Education, OEI according to its initials in Spanish; Dulcinea... and at 2011, in Scopus. In Spain the journal is a reference in the Directory of Index of Spanish Periodicals of Social and Communication Sciences, IN-RECS, of the University of Granada, UGR. RLCS occupies the first position in the cumulative index for the periods 2003-2007; 2004-2008, 2005-2009 and the years 2008. 2009 and 2010.”/>
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<meta name="DC.contributor.referee I" content="REPORT I: As mentioned in the first report, the article properly develops its objectives, methods, results, and final conclusions, and its literature is abundant.This second version has integrated the conceptual definitions requested in the first report, which complements and contextualises the analysis.Finally, after having responded to the suggestions made in the first report, I recommend its publication.- Paulina Emanuelli, Ph.D. – National University of Cordoba (Argentina)."/>
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<meta name="DC.contributor.referee II" content="REPORT II: This article aims to establish the position taken by five daily newspapers from the Basque Country during the Falklands War of 1982 between Great Britain and Argentina. The subject matter is of interest, as this year is the 30th anniversary of this war. The articles examines whether the position of the newspapers was conditioned by their institutional ideology.The newspapers included in the study are: Deia, Tribuna Vasca, Egin, La Gaceta del Norte and El Correo Español–El Pueblo Vasco. The analysis covers the 68 days that the war lasted. The study is based in quantitative and qualitative content analysis, which is appropriate for the object of study. The text is structured as a research report and its wording is correct. Its publication is recommended without modifications.- Blanca Chong-López, Ph.D. – Autonomous University of Coahuila - Mexico."/>
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<meta name="DC.description.abstract" content="ABSTRACT: This research article presents the results of the classification and analysis of the news items and subjective information (opinion articles and editorials) published by five of the most important newspapers in the Basque Autonomous Community about the war between Great Britain and Argentina over the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands, during the 68 days that this conflict lasted. The study is based on the analysis of 309 issues published from 3 April to 22 June, 1982, which provided a total of 799 pages."/>
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<meta name="DC.keywords" content="Keywords: Basque Press; nationalism; ideology; manipulation of information."/>
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<meta name="DC.publisher.corporateName" content="Universidad de La Laguna (Tenerife, Islas Canarias). LAboratorio de Tecnologías de la Información y Nuevos Análisis de Comunicación, LATINA"/>
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Canga-Larequi, J. (2012): "Nationalism and ideology in the Basque press during the Falklands War", Revista Latina de Comunicación Social, 67, pages 268 to 286. La Laguna (Tenerife, Canary Islands): La Laguna University, retrieved on ___th of ____ of 2_______, from
DOI: 10.4185/RLCS-067-956-268-286-EN/ CrossRef link"/>