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Francisco Javier Frutos Esteban

Facultad de Ciencias Sociales
Campus Miguel de Unamuno, Edificio F.E.S.
Universidad de Salamanca, USAL
Avd. Francisco Tomás y Valiente, s/n,
37007, Salamanca (España)
Tel: +34 923 294 500, ext. 3186


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Francisco Javier Frutos Esteban is lecturer of History of Audiovisual Media, and Photography. Before his PhD in Communication at the University of Salamanca, he was a professional photographer and audiovisual content manager mainly in two cultural institutions: the Valladolid International Film Festival —as editor of the publishing department, editor in chief of the official magazine and author of the catalog (1993-2004)—, and at the regional film archive in Castilla y León —as cultural activities and audiovisual arts manager (1993-2008), as well as organizer and commissioner of the permanent exhibition “Artilugios para fascinar. Colección Basilio Martín Patino” (1999-2008).

He has been director of the MBA Cultural companies and institutions at the University of Salamanca and is presently coordinator of the MA on Research in Communication (Máster Universitario en Investigación en Comunicación Audiovisual, MUICA), at the University of Salamanca.