Revista Latina


Carlos Granda Tandazo

Department of Administrative Sciences.
Business Organisation Section.
Private Technical University of Loja
San Cayetano street, 1101608, Loja, Ecuador
Phone: (593-7) 3710444

PhD student in Communication and Journalism from the University Santiago de Compostela (Spain). Author of articles published in Redmarka, Materia Prima, CISCI and Razón y Palabra.

Co-author of the book: investigate communication in Loja-Ecuador. Co-author of the book titled Comunicación estratégica en las organizaciones (“Strategic communication in organisations”), edited by Latina. Member of the research project titled “Observatory of Strategic Communication in Ecuador” funded by the Private Technical University of Loja.

Current director of institutional projects of the Private Technical University of Loja. His research lines are: city brand, brand/branding, digital brand, social networks management, corporate/strategic communication.


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