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M. Carmen Robles Andreu

Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication
Audiovisual Communication Area
Catholic University of Murcia UCAM
Campus de los Jerónimos, s/n, 30107, Guadalupe (Murcia)
Telephones: (34) 968278800 Ext. 249

Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Advertising and Public Relations from the Catholic University of San Antonio in Murcia.  

Professor at the Department of Audiovisual Communication at the UCAM, where she teaches Emotional intelligence and Psychology of Communication, Oral communication, News programs and Audiovisual Dubbing. 

Currently she is a PhD student studying the evolution of the music industry in Spain.  Currently, she is part of the Sectoral Commission of Advice and training as well as the Research section of the Association of University Radios (ARU). 

She is a member of the Research group Digitalac from the UCAM, in which she is a researcher on the Teaching Innovation in communication project: “Proposal for the improvement of teaching methodologies of the teaching staff in the Communication degrees starting with the resources of Iradio UCAM”.

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