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Jhoana Córdova Camacho

Teacher of Public Relations
Department of Sciences of the Communication
Área Sociohumanística
San Cayetano Alto s/n (Loja-Ecuador)

She is Professor of Introduction to Communication subject, she has a Certification in Social Communication at Technical University of Loja since 2007.

She also has a Degree in Social Communication at the Technical University of Loja, Ecuador: She has the following titles in higher education: Higher Diploma in Print Media by the Technical University of Loja and Master in Engineering and Knowledge Management from the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil.

From 2010 to 2014, she was responsible for communication of the Inter-American Organization. From 2012 to date coordinates the research Communication for Peace UNESCO Chair of Culture and Education for Peace.

She has participated in several funded projects: ALFA - INFOACES which stands for comprehensive information system on Institutions of Higher Education in Latin America; Training in leadership skills to students of private and public schools of the city of Loja, through parliamentary methods of persuasion, negotiation, writing and speaking, respect for human rights; Water management, conflict justice and peace; Implementation of a common space of Higher Education. VERTEBRALCUE which is the Strategic Communication Observatory in Ecuador: current status, trends, measurement and evaluation; Educommunication research program and Digital Culture in Ecuador Zone 7; Improving teaching experience through the use of portfolio and rubrics; Rating innovativeness UTPL through the application of the model MIES.