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Karla María Díaz López

Center for Higher and Technical Education CETYS University
Camino a Microondas Trinidad s/n Km. 1,
Moderna Oeste, 22860 Ensenada, B. C., México

Dr. Díaz is a member of the National System of Researchers (candidate level). She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology by the Autonomous University of Baja California (graduated with honorable mention), and a master’s and doctoral degree in Educational Sciences by the Institute of Research and Educational Development of UABC (also graduated with honorable mention). She has carried out research stays at Universidad Complutense de Madrid in Spain and at Universidad de Sonora, Mexico.

Currently working at the Center for Higher and Technical Education, CETYS University, in the Ensenada campus as coordinator of the College of Social Sciences and Humanities, where she also teaches courses in undergraduate and graduate programs. Dr. Díaz also collaborates in the research project: School desertion in high school education in social exclusion environments in Baja California. A review from the pedagogy of diversity. This project is being developed at CETYS with the cooperation of researchers from Universidad de Murcia, Spain. Dr. Díaz directs master dissertations and is a member of master and doctoral dissertation committees.