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Diego Apolo

Educational Researcher
Universidad Nacional de Educación (UNAE)
Javier Loyola Parish - Azogues - Ecuador
Phone: (593) 7 3701200 (ext 202.)
Part-time Teacher
Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ)
Diego de Robles and Interoceanic Highway
Quito - Ecuador
Phone: (593) 2297 1700

Diego currently belongs to the team for the Coordination of Research at the National University of Education. He has conducted research in several international projects related to communication, education and gender, and served as guest speaker at internationally renowned conferences.
 He is a doctoral candidate at the National University of La Plata - Argentina, and has a Masters in Strategic Communication from the Pontificia Universidad Catolica of Chile. 
He also has 7 years of experience in national and international consultancies on issues of strategic communication.

Diego is a member of the Latin American Research Network ‘Imaginarios y Representaciones’ (RIIR), is supported by the research committee of the Faculty of Sociology at the University of St. Thomas-Colombia, is sponsored by the Iberoamerican University Postgraduate Association (AUIP), and is member of the CLACSO network.

He has worked as a full-time teacher at the Technical University Equinoccial (2012-2013) and the University of the Americas (2014-2016). He has taught part-time at the Iberoamerican University of Ecuador and the University of San Francisco de Quito (2016-2017). 
He is a guest professor in the Masters of Education program, with specialization in Educational Leadership and Innovation, at the Indoamérican University of Technology.

He has more than twenty publications including books, chapters and articles in refereed journals. Among them are "Communication 360: tools for managing internal communication and identity" (UTE-Ecuador), "Conceptual approach to corporate communication: challenges and proposals" (Austral Journal of Communication-Argentina), "Perception, intangible assets and stakeholders: a model for analyzing corporate image "(Mediterranean Journal of Communication-Spain), "Users, customers and digital consumers: considerations for their analysis from marketing and corporate communication" (Redmarka-Spain)..

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