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Lizeth Pauker Teneda

Reporter and Community Manager
Yasuni Medios
Av. Napo 11-02 and Uquillas
Orellana - Ecuador
Phone: (593) 6 2 9 99 0 6 0 (ext. 1352)
lpauker @

Lizeth currently works for Yasuni Media, a public radio and television company in Francisco de Orellana, which provides television and radio content to citizens of Orellana and its surroundings in a local, efficient, and inclusive way. She prioritizes the use of information and entertainment to help create positive social, filial, civic, and cultural values.

Lizeth holds a degree in Corporate Communication from the University of the Americas, an institution distinguished for its practical methodological  innovations and its WASC international accreditation.
Her academic efforts were awarded First Prize in "Psychology of Communication" at the award ceremony for the period September 2012 to February 2013 .

Lizeth’s professional experience began as an intern in the Media Department of the Center for Corporate Communication UDLA, where she developed social networking strategies and general practices for the design, planning and logistics of events (2014-2015).
She served as Administrative Assistant in the Faculty of Graduate Studies at the University of the Americas, where she was in charge of the admissions process and for providing information to the Council of Higher Education CES for external audits (2015 - 2016).

Lizeth entered the world of letters by producing academic research articles that provide novel and broadened understanding of communication, having coauthored the 2016 article "Perception, intangible assets and stakeholders: model for analysis of corporate image" (ISSN 1989-872X), published in the Mediterranean Journal of Communication, supported by the University of Alicante in Spain. She also participated in the VIII Congreso Internacional Latina de Communicación Social, as coauthor of a paper entitled  "Corporate Communication Management: Considerations for Addressing Study and Practice."