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Gabriela Pasquel Racines

‘Neighborhood Watch’ Special Unit, Secretary of
Territorial Coordination and Citizen Participation,
Municipality of the Quito Metropolitan District.
Calle Gribaldo Miño s/n y avenida Ilaló (Hacienda San José)
Quito - Ecuador
Phone: 3952 300

Gabriela is currently Technical and Organizational Partner and Community Manager in the ‘Neighborhood Watch’ Special Unit, which processes, channels and resolves the procedures for policing and regulating neighborhoods in a decentralized but efficient manner, and within the general framework of planning and management of the city of Quito, the capital of Ecuador, in order to ensure a dignified life for the citizens of the District. In 2016, she coauthored research on Corporate Communications with the publication of an article entitled “Perception, intangible assets and stakeholders: model for analysis of corporate image” in the Mediterranean Journal of Communication, which is sponsored by the University of Alicante. Spain.

 She has a degree in Corporate Communication from the University of the Americas in Quito, Ecuador. Her entry to the labor force was through a major multinational operating in Ecuador, where she was responsible for issues regarding external and internal communications. She also participated in the VIII Congreso Internacional Latina de Communicación Social, as coauthor of a paper entitled "Corporate Communication Management: Considerations for Addressing Study and Practice."