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Beatriz Catalina García

Communication and Sociology Department
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, URJC
Camino del Molino s/n, 28943, Fuenlabrada (Madrid, España)
Teléfono: 914888225

Ph. D. Coomunication Science (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (2011), Licenciada en Periodismo por la UCM. 1989) and Graduate in Politics Science (UNED, 2014). Visiting Fellow (Journalism) at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. He has participated in the National R + D + I Project "Analysis of the use and consumption of social media and networks on the Internet among Spanish adolescents. Characteristics and practices of risk ". She participates in the Regional Project co-financed with EU funds "Program of Activities on Digital Vulnerability" (2016-2018) and in the National Project "Social networks, adolescents and young people: media convergence and digital culture" (CSO2016-74980 -C2-2-R) funded by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness of Spain (2017-2020).

His published works are related to the digital public sphere, citizenship and the uses of the Internet. Among the most recent: A documentary and librarianship perspective on big data and data journalism "(2018)" The Greater Oporto municipal chambers as sources of information for the local press "(2017); "The young university students and their patterns of consumption and dissemination of news according to the ideological trend (2017); "Adolescents and Youtube; creation, participation and consumption "(2016); "Young people and news consumption through the Internet" (2015); "Implications for media education of contacts with strangers on the Internet" (2015); "Press offices as the main documentary source of the media" (2015); "Cyberspace and citizens: a look through the Spanish town halls" (2014).

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