Metadatos. Revista Latina de Comunicacion Social, 72, 2017.
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<meta name="DC.title" content="Artivism plus Grassroots. Study of the case: The Municipal Campaign of Manuela Carmena and Ahora Madrid">
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<meta name="DC.Description" lang="en" content="Revista Latina de Comunicacion Social, RLCS, is a scientific journal edited at the University of La Laguna, ULL (Tenerife, Canary Islands) in the Laboratory of Information Technologies and New Analysis of Communication, LATINA according to its initials in Spanish, founded in 1987 by Dr. José Manuel de-Pablos-Coello, under the protection of special doctorate programmes for Latin American professors. The journal publishes under the main summary almost exclusively research papers written following the formula IMR&DC+B: introduction, methodology, results and discussion plus conclusion, with a updated bibliography: at least 70% of the bibliographic entries must be from the past 10 years and half of them from scientific journals in Spanish and English languages. Reviewers make a double blind peer examination. This is a collective and inter-university project, including many professors and researchers from almost all Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries. The journal is the following databases: SCOPUS, EBSCO (USA), DOAJ (Lund University, Sweden), Redalyc (Mexico), Dialnet (Spain); and is indexed by the CINDOC-CSIC in DICE, ISOC, RESH, Office of Latin American Education, OEI according to its initials in Spanish; Dulcinea... and at 2011, in Scopus. In Spain the journal is a reference in the Directory of Index of Spanish Periodicals of Social and Communication Sciences, IN-RECS, of the University of Granada, UGR. RLCS occupies the first position in the cumulative index for the periods 2003-2007; 2004-2008, 2005-2009 and the years 2008. 2009 and 2010. For the fourth consecutive year, in 2011 RLCS was positioned in the top quartile of the Impact Factor Index of the Spanish Journals of Communication (In RECS). Included in the top 100 of journals in Google Scholar's Spanish language, years 2014, 2013 and 2012. In 2015, in the position 25 of the scientific journalss in Spanish Languages more mentioned, according to Google Scholar Metrics, GSM, and for the second consecutive year (2013, 2014) in the first cuartil (Q1) of the journals of Social Communication, of agreement to the international ranking based on GSM that realizes the University of Granada."/>
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<meta name="DC.description.abstract" content=" ABSTRACT: The object of the present study is the case study: "Artivism plus Grassroots”, performed in the election campaign of Manuela Carmena during Municipal Elections of Madrid in 2015, where these two terms merged, art and citizen participation, innovating in political communication as has never been seen before in Spain. Also, in this context, there will be delving into the campaign of the political party Ahora Madrid, to which the aforementioned candidate is affiliated. It is revealing to account for the use of digital platforms as communication tools by the new parties, in this case Ahora Madrid, during the elections, to identify the activity generated therein and its character and, likewise, to observe whether they promoted the horizontal and bidirectional communication characteristic of this environment 2.0. For Manuel Castells (2012) in the past two decades there was a revolutionary transformation in terms of technology and organization of the socialized communication. “Said transformation can be defined as the shift from masses communication to self-communication of masses” (p.23). A relevant issue to be developed in this article. And in all this environment of changes in communication it is noteworthy that in the political behaviour of Spanish there is a before and an after since the 15M movement. The professor Antonio Gutiérrez-Rubí (2011) is worth mentioning, who considers the resurgence of a new public space is observed as a consequence of the use of social networks and Internet for the civic action. This entails “the loss of the exclusive privilege of the political action by politicians” and he adds “they must have seen that it is possible to organize politically without them; to communicate in an efficacious manner without mediatic intermediation or against some myopias; and to create contents of value without clear leaderships nor official sources.” (p.14) ."/>
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<meta name="DC.keywords" content="Keywords: Artivism, Grassroots, political communication, citizen participation, art."/>
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<meta name="DC.publisher.corporateName" content="Universidad de La Laguna (Tenerife, Islas Canarias). LAboratorio de Tecnologías de la Informacion y Nuevos Análisis de Comunicacion, LATINA"/>
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<meta name="DC.TERMS.bibliographicCitation" content="M López-Trigo Reig, M Puchalt López, Cuesta Díaz (2019): “Artivism plus Grassroots. Study of the case: The Municipal Campaign of Manuela Carmena and Ahora Madrid”. Revista Latina de Comunicación Social, 74, pp. 1190 a 1203.
DOI: 10.4185/RLCS-2019-1378en"/>