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María Cruz López-de-Ayala-López

Department of Communication Sciences I
Faculty of Communication Sciences
Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid, URJC.
Camino del Molino s/n, C. P. 28943, Fuenlabrada - Madrid, Spain.
Phone: 914888396 and 654707598

Mª Cruz López de Ayala Lopez holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology (from the Complutense University of Madrid) and a Ph.D. in Communication sciences (from the URJC).

She is currently a Professor in the area of advertising at the Rey Juan Carlos University. Since 1995 she has taught, among other subjects, “Social Structure of Spain”, “Social Structure”, “Sociology”, “Sociology of the consumer”, “Corporate Communication and Social Responsibility”, “Communication Theory” and “Information theory” (at the Centre for Advanced Social and Legal Studies Ramón Carande at the Complutense University of Madrid; the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences and Faculty of Communication Sciences at the Rey Juan Carlos University). She is a member of the Research Group on Communication, Society and Culture (GICOMSOC) of the Rey Juan Carlos University. She has participated in research projects related to the social aspects of the information and communication technologies: “Analysis of use and consumption of media and social networks on the Internet among Spanish teens. Characteristics and risk practices”. Non-oriented fundamental research projects from the Ministry of Science and Innovation 2010-2013; “Study on the uses of the Internet among minors in the community of Madrid. Risks and features”, URJC-Community de Madrid, January-December 2009; “The telephone as an instrument of social service”, France-Telecom Foundation, March 2007 to September 2008; “Spanish Society and ICTs”, CIS, January-December 1998; and “Monitoring and evaluation of the agreement for the promotion of self-regulation on television content and children”, Ministry of the Presidency.

She a Spanish representative from the URJC in European Action COST 269 “User aspects of ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies)”, 1999-2004. She has also presented articles and papers on issues related to family, consumption, and ICTs.