Revista Latina


Ángeles Fernández-Martínez

Department of Communication Sciences I
Faculty of Communication Sciences
Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid, URJC.
Camino del Molino s/n, C. P. 28943, Fuenlabrada - Madrid, Spain.
Phone: 914888396 and 914888487

Angeles Fernández-Martínez holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism (from the Complutense University of Madrid) and a Ph.D. in Communication Sciences (from the URJC).

Since 1982 she has been the Director of Communication of the Spanish Union of Cooperative Entities of Agricultural Credit (UNESCAR), National Union of Cooperatives of Consumers and Users, and Union of Cooperative Dealers. She has directed the magazines “Bulletin de la Union”, “IBER-COOP” and “Inforvino”. She has also coordinated the edition of the “Revista de Economía Social” (Social Economy Magazine) and has been working with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) in the correction and editing of publications in the Spanish language.

Currently she is a full Professor at the Rey Juan Carlos University, (in the area of journalism, where she has taught the subject “Fundamentals of Public Relations”, “Introduction to Advertising” and “Corporate Communication and Social Responsibility”). She is a member of the Research Group on Communication, Society and Culture (GICOMSOC) of the Rey Juan Carlos University, where she has developed the projects, among others, “The telephone as an instrument of social service” (France-Telecom Foundation) and “Monitoring and evaluation of the agreement for the promotion of self-regulation on television content and children”, (Ministry of the Presidency).