Revista Latina

Meaning of the “Pre-publication” Legend

This label will be inscribed above articles of new publication whilst authors verify everything is in order or the revision of the translated text is pending.

In fact, articles of new publication are put online only after having received the approval of their authors, who previously reviewed them in galley proofs in PDF files, but do not see them in HTML until they appear published.

For this reason, the label “pre-publication” will remain posted until the articles have received the second approval and their translation has been verified. The label will be removed only after the text is already published, is ready for public access, organized in the archive, all its links have been verified to work perfectly, and its translation has been confirmed to be correct.

This procedure aims to offer the text to the readers, with the warning that it cannot be quoted until the inscription “pre-publication” is removed; which in a way seizes the article until that moment.


bi = British English.

bu = American English.