Revista Latina


María Sánchez-González

Associate Professor, Ph.D.
Department of Journalism
School of Communication Sciences
University of Malaga (UMA)
Campus de Teatinos, s/n
29010 Málaga
Phone: 952133450

Ph.D. in Journalism by the University of Malaga. Her doctoral thesis, Cibermedios de acceso abierto con información confidencial en España (2007) (Open-access online media with confidential information in Spain (2007)), is pioneer in the analysis of the features, functions, and use values of the new online modes of communication in comparison to conventional tools, in relation to journalistic communication

As technician in the Area of Innovation of the International University of Andalusia (2007--) she develops her professional work in the field of Educational Innovation, where she coordinates and manages the work of teachers in programmes conducted in virtual learning-teaching environments and with social web tools, and also coordinates teacher training initiatives and other proposals and actions in the field of ICTs applied to education and communication. At the University of Andalusia she is also a member of the Commission responsible for the management of innovation and of the coordination team of Online Practices and Cultures Programme.

Simultaneously, since 2009 she is associate professor of Journalism at the University of Malaga, and teaches different subjects related to the use of ICT and Internet in the journalistic field (like Technology of Journalism and Digital Editing, in the B.A. programme in Journalism and Technology of Print Media).

In recent years she has published her research and has become part of various academic research projects on online-journalism, multimedia convergence, and new forms of communication and citizenship through the so-called Web 2.0. Currently, she is a researcher in the national project “La evolución de los cibermedios en el marco de la convergencia digital” (The evolution of the online media in the context of digital convergence) (2009 --), which is financed by Spain’s Ministry of Science and Technology (code CS02009-13713-C05-02). She is also a member of the research group SEJ 391 “Nuevos espacios de comunicación” (New communication spaces) of the Junta de Andalucía (1998 --).