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Referees' reports - 2012

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Reports: "Methodological proposal for the analysis of user participation mechanisms in online media"

The establishment of multiple categories of analysis is in itself a significant contribution, which may be useful for future research. The study seems comprehensive and the exposition of results confirms its interest and operability.

The screenshots provided reinforce the study and further help the reader to grasp the meaning of the descriptions.

The conclusions section highlights that “the participation is far from being an actual journalistic production like the one produced by journalists.” I do not think we should expect other result about the news media, unless they use previously qualified and selected participants. But the “possible” roles for common readers as well as their possible forms are clearly established.

In short, this work can also serve as a guide for news media that have just started to open themselves to the participation of the readers.-- Raymond Colle, Ph.D. - Chile (more) (another report)

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