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Alberto Pena-Rodríguez

Department of Audiovisual Communication and Advertising
School of Social and Communication Sciences
University of Vigo, UV
Campus de A Xunqueira s/n 36005 Pontevedra (Spain)
Fax: 34 + 986801980

Alberto Pena-Rodríguez holds a Ph.D. from the Complutense University of Madrid and is a full professor of Techniques of Political Propaganda and History of Propaganda at the School of Social and Communication Sciences of the University of Vigo.

He integrally and transversally researches the phenomenon of political propaganda, (its media platforms, techniques and instrumental resources), but his preferred research line is the Portuguese propaganda and the propaganda campaigns in the Iberian context.

His recent publications include O Que Parece É, Salazar, Franco e a Propaganda Contra a Espanha Democrática (Lisboa, 2009) and Salazar, a Imprensa e a Guerra Civil de Espanha (Coimbra, 2007).

He is a former President of the Spanish Association of Communication Historians and has directed the communication research group (CA1) of the University of Vigo since 1998.