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Referees' reports - 2012

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Reports: "Cinema, Fascism and Propaganda. A historical approximation to the Portuguese Estado Novo"

The subject of the article is of interest for the field of communications due to its contribution to knowledge about the use of film as an instrument of propaganda to consolidate the prevailing regime of the Estado Novo, which has been scarcely studied to date.

The article describes the key aspects of the film discourse used by the dictatorship to disseminate its ideological positions and make the Portuguese society accept its political project. The research project was funded by the University of Vigo.

The sources used as the basis for the development of the article are relevant and up-to-date; the methodology is appropriate for the object of study; the structure corresponds to a research report and the wording is clear and correct. Its publication is recommended.- Blanca Chong-López, Ph.D. –Autonomous University of Coahuila - Mexico.

Reports on the article:

The article meets the objectives established in relation to the topic and development. There is a permanent sequence in the demonstration of the used means and the obtained purposes.

The analysis established the mechanisms used by the Portuguese dictatorship, cinema, censorship and manipulation, to achieve its ideological objectives.

Discourse and propaganda were constantly manifested throughout the research. Moreover, the research allows the reader to know about the similar regimes that emerged in Europe while the Portuguese dictatorship was being established, and how those regimes served as a model for its development.

The central object of the article is the particular analysis of the film A Revolução de Maio, through which the various mechanisms of persuasion and distortion used to maintain social control are analysed. The clarity of research is outstanding. The corrections were made. Its publication is recommended.- Reneé Isabel-Mengo, Ph.D. - National University of Córdoba - Argentina (full report).

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