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Referees' reports - 2012

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The article is a serious and deep study on the research productivity of Zer over a ten-year period (1996-2005). Although I differ slightly with the authors’ assertion that Zer is the highest rated journal, which I consider it to be highly subjective, I congratulate the authors for their great research work: the exposition of results about this longitudinal object of study, the methodological rigour of the research, and the review of the authors that have made similar works in the last three decades.

Moreover, the authors compared their results with those of other (less in-depth) studies in order to verify data and identify the most productive authors and the Spanish universities with the highest research productivity. - Maricela López-Ornelas, Ph.D. – Autonomous University of Baja California (Mexico) [Full report]

Reports on the article:

The article is an excellent work that should set an example for other journals and future comparative analyses of research productivity in communication journals. It fills a clear gap and complements very well other works on the content of communication journals.

The use of the chronological variable is a little limited, as it is not cross-examined with other variables. It might have been interesting to include the “subject” variable and its evolution in relation to production. - Raymond Colle, Ph.D. - Chile [Full report]

The article is relevant to the field of communication because it contributes to a poorly developed line of studies. It presents the results of study on the research articles published in Zer Journal of Communication Studies during its first ten years of history (1996-2005). This is the first study on research productivity in Spain to ranks authors. The objective is to provide information to evaluate the involvement of authors and institutions in Zer.

The work presents a very complete literature review; the sources are relevant and the methodology is appropriate to the object of study; the structure of the text is coherent and corresponds to a research report; the wording is clear and correct. There are some aspects which should be reviewed. Its publication is recommended. - Blanca Chong-López, Ph.D. – Autonomous University of Coahuila, Mexico.


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