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Referees' reports - 2012

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Reports: Evolution of Advertising Communication in the Pre-war: Analysis of Federico Ribas’ Advertising Portfolio for Gal Fragrance House (1916-1936)

A very interesting article on the evolution of imagery in advertising and its use in the printed media. The inclusion of the images substantially increased the level of the article and its comprehension. It is correctly written and is highly original.

The methodology is applied well (the choice of subject matter and the analysis of a sufficiently large sample of examples to allow the final evaluation to be conclusive).

Furthermore, it should be noted that there has been little research on Hispanic and Spanish brands and the relationship between advertising, perfumes, the image of women and communication media; for this reason, this article represents a solid contribution to this emerging field of research.

The bibliography is correct. The article remains rather long compared to those normally considered for publication but this is justified by the inclusion of a large number of images. Finding these images is an arduous task (given that they do not appear on the internet and the researcher has had to spend many long hours in the reference library). The images that have been uploaded to the web as part of this work will greatly assist future researchers in their work in this field. For this fact -among others - the article is worthy of publication.– Dr. Carlos Elías – Journalism Dept. - Catedrático - Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. 

Reports on the article:

Within the trend for figurative advertising in the early 20th century - in which there were a number of outstanding Spanish and foreign artists - the study of the vast quantity of works by Federico Ribas for Gal Fragrance House should be more deeply involved and with greater reference to the current trends during the period of the study. Furthermore, in respect to drawing the conclusion of the 'unique rarity', more reasons should be presented (aesthetics, techniques and / or approach) to present this as a new and valuable discovery.

However, the analysis of the works of Ribas confirms a certain perspective of the marketing focus in force in this particular time in history and that the artist's models (female figures in a large majority of cases as shown by the analysis) have many points in common with the girls of Penagos, Baldrich, Mairata and other artist who were published in the same periodicals that this study uses, although they were on the editorial side.– Dr. Pedro Pérez Cuadrado– Profesor Titular - Journalism - Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid.


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