Revista Latina


María Teresa Vera Balanza

Department of Journalism
School of Communication Sciences
University of Málaga (UMA). Spain
León Tolstoi, 4. Campus de Teatinos,
29071, Málaga, Spain.

PhD in Contemporary History; Member of the Seminar of Interdisciplinary Women’s Studies of the University of Málaga (SEIM-UMA); Coordinator of the Training course of the Institutional Development Plan “Equality, citizenship and university teaching” (2011-); Member of the Permanent Commission of Equality of the University of Málaga and Coordinator of the Master’s degree in Equality and Gender of the University of Málaga (2010-2015).

Her research lines include: communication and gender studies: representations and discourses. Participating in several research projects, including: 1) Representation of women’s work in the media: from marginalisation to the use of the Internet for participation in the construction of knowledge and the evaluation of public policies. Ministry of Social Affairs. Women’s Institute (I+D+I 001/07, 2007-2010), directed by Amparo Moreno Sardá (UAB). 2) Observatory of the informative treatment of gender-based violence with emphasis to ethnic/cultural identity (P11-TIC-7999). Project of excellence of the Government of Andalusia. Specific line: audiovisual communication, call 2011 (2012-2013), directed by Inmaculada Postigo Gómez (UMA). 3) Communication and journalism for citizen participation in the monitoring and evaluation of the management of local governments. Ministry of Industry, Science and Innovation CSO2012-34687, directed by Amparo Moreno Sardá (UAB)

Author and editor of more than one hundred articles (, including the work of Spanish Cinema directors. Ayer, hoy y mañana, featuring Trinidad Núñez Domínguez and May Silva. Seville, Andalusia (Spain): Audiovisual Foundation of Andalusia, University of Seville, 2012. Her recently published articles include: “El movimiento Femen en España. Culturas políticas y acciones comunicativas en un contexto de reacción”. Revista Internacional de Comunicación y Desarrollo. European-Latin American Communication and Development Network (Real-Code), University of Santiago de Compostela (2015).