Revista Latina

Referees' reports - 2010

Evaluation of the article "A profession termed Journalism"

This is a publishable article, well written and crafted, with thematic unity, and proper documentation on a relevant and complex subject. The thesis is well established and the argumentation is consistent and coherent.– Dr. Luis Núñez Ladevéze - CEU University, San Pablo, Madrid.


The article offers interesting information based on the experience and perspective of a professional journalist and teacher. Its content addresses and encourages a discussion about the need to rescue ethical journalistic practices in relation to readers, and the pursuit of "truth" regarding the professional performance, avoiding self-censorship and informative conditioning by governmental authorities.

The paper makes a passionate criticism against the concealment and disguising of propaganda actions as news or editorial commentary from some communicators with public presence, and disapproves of the idea that the Internet will eliminate the role of professional journalists due to the ease for anyone to upload information onto the web.

For all the above, it is worth sharing this article, which is the fruit of a reflection on half a century of journalistic practice.– Dr. José Cisneros - University of the Americas, Puebla, Mexico.