Revista Latina

Referees' reports - 2010

Report on the article "The audiovisual communications policy of the PSOE Government (2004-2009): A neoliberal Turn”

This is a very well developed and documented article about the situation of the audiovisual media at the moment, the transformations prompted by the recent legal reforms, and the ways in which the bill for the new Audiovisual Act may influence it.

It is an article of tremendous actuality and based on deep knowledge of the different legal and administrative regulations, and its effects on the audiovisual market, all of which the author explains with absolute detail and clarity.

As a final conclusion, the author outstandingly meets all conditions of academic rigour, actuality, and clarity of exposition to be published in an upcoming issue of Revista Latina de Comunicación Social.– Dr. Carmelo Garitaonandia Garnacho - Professor of Journalism - University of the Basque Country, UPV / EHU.

"The audiovisual communications policy of the PSOE Government (2004-2009): A neoliberal Turn” offers a comparative reading of the practices of the first and second terms of Zapatero’s government in relation to the Audiovisual media scenario which allows the author to develop a detailed and reasoned critique of the drift towards policies that reactivate media concentration, annul participating experiences such as community TV, limit the role of regional TV networks and leave no space or time for the emergence of the regulatory councils, among other things.

Beyond rigour and clarity of exposition, the topicality of the subject makes the article in question an essential text for the ongoing debate on such a central aspect of democracy: television as business before television as public service.

In this regard, we recommend the article’s publication in Revista Latina de Comunicación Social.– Dr. Margarita Ledo Andión - Professor of Audiovisual Communication and Advertising – University of Santiago de Compostela, USC.