Revista Latina

Referees' reports - 2010

EVALUATION OF ARTICLE 09_2010:  “Gómez Alfaro: Pioneer of interdisciplinary studies on the relationships between Journalism and Literature in Spain”

I consider that the article evaluated complies with the requisites which are demanded form a solvent research work, since it presents an ordered structure and revealing conclusions.

The article offers a satisfying panoramic of the different considerations which have taken place in our country due to the relationships between Journalism and Literature, from the pioneering statements by Pacheco or Sellés, until the most modern proposals made by López Pan and Chillón.

It also contributes towards the revalorization of the work of an author, Antonio Gómez Alfaro, whose contributions in this field are not known–or, at least, are not frequently visited– by Journalism theoreticians.

In terms of style, there is nothing to be objected about this article which has been neatly written and whose publication in the Revista Latina de Comunicación Social Journal I strongly recommend.– Dr. Bernardo J. Gómez Calderón, Ph. D. - Professor of Journalism   - School of Communication Sciences - University of Málaga.

This article is a very pertinent contribution to the current studies of Journalism in Spain. Not only does it make the importance of Gómez Alfaro –an author Barkly known to the researchers of literary Journalism–, evident; but it also opens the doors to future investigations about the pioneers in the theory of this important branch of Journalism.

I consider the use of sources to be correct.  The structure and the style are, as well, adequate. This article contains important contributions: the discovery of  Gómez Alfaro and his ideas on Literary Journalism. For all said, I consider it to be an appropriate article for the Revista Latina de Comunicación Social Journal.– Beatriz Gómez Baceiredo, Ph. D. - Professor of Literary Journalism  - School of Communication Sciences - University of Navarra.

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