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Referees' reports - 2010

Report 1: Article 18-10: Spanish advertisers and the new context of communication: a qualitative approach.

This article presents the results of thorough research and qualitative on the current context of Spanish advertisers. The theme of this research is innovative and necessary for the present and full of changes, which is having the communication sector.

In the first part, the author contextualizes and thus justifies the importance of this work. The context of communication is in revolution, because of changes that are occurring. It is therefore necessary to collect and analyze the role the Spanish advertisers in this context. They are the part of the investment in communication, therefore it is imperative to understand what needs, what is your opinion about the new communications landscape and what kind of investment in communication performed today. These rules are necessary to focus in a more effective communication in Spain.

The author speaks of changes made to the media in the skills, relationships and advertiser company structure and perspective and attitude of the public to understand also the new insights that have the advertiser at present. Therefore, collect all the necessary perspectives to frame the object of study.

From these necessary considerations, the author provides research with a comprehensive field work, with a methodology very clear and very consistent with the proposed objectives. The phases of qualitative research and the sample are in line to achieve the proposed objectives and research lines to be analyzed by the author.

The research results are presented in a clear way to expose and thematic block: who is the new advertiser, where is the communication in the company, what type of communication done, what is the opinion about the current context of communication, how they see the future of communication and what are their major speeches at the time of making communication in the current context.

The tables and charts provided further help and clarify the data obtained by the field study. The conclusions section is complete and, moreover, the author provides some recommendations very interesting, from his point of view and based on experience gained with in-depth interviews. Finally add that the bibliography is very complete.

The article is very timely, comprehensive research and provides a relevant and necessary for the communicative context in which we are immersed.– Drs. Cristina González Oñate and Carlos Fanjul Peyró - Universidad Jaume I, Castellón.

Report 2:

The article "The Spanish advertisers and the new context of
communication: A qualitative approach" refers to an orderly and clear a set of factors of analysis related to advertising practice in Spain.

The theoretical and conceptual framework is solid and well-documented state of the art. From an instrument framed in qualitative methodology realizes the speech of advertisers selected for the study is reported in a systematic and categorical scheme illustrated graphically.

The analysis is comprehensive and detailed and properly sequenced, allowing the author/s, concrete conclusions and close with a set of recommendations.

The article is part of the annals of advertising activity in a time formats, formulas, advertising and media are rapidly changing and where the consumer plays progressively more active.

This report can be a valuable reference for scholars interested in this field. It is recommended for publication.– Dr. Jorge A. Cortés Montalvo - Universidad Autonoma de Chihuahua, Mexico.

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