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Referees' reports - 2010

This is an excellent research article whose main purpose is to assess young people’s interpretative competence to produce a critical reading of the first sequence of Walt Disney’s "The Lion King", a benchmark example of mass culture.
This article has a fundamental theoretical basis, which reviews, develops, and explains very well the different theories about the interpretative abilities of receivers.

In any case, the body of research is based on a methodology of focus groups as the axis of a qualitative research, among teens of 14 to 18 years of age who evaluated the sequence mentioned above.

The four research questions and the hypothesis posed by the article on the two main variables (age difference and audiovisual training) are perfectly resolved in the conclusions section.

The bibliographic references are very appropriate and current.
I consider this article is very valuable for publishing without any changes.– Dr. Carmelo Garitaonandia – Chair Professor of Journalism - University of the Basque Country, UPV.


The article perfectly meets the theoretical and practical methodological sequence (diverse and segmented focus groups), the initial hypothesis, and the orderly thematic development, and also provides relevant conclusions.

The article displays high quality and knowledge in four levels: the methodology for a case of youth interpretative competences segmented by age, education and skills of a sequence of an animated film; the order in the key questions with their appropriate answers; the knowledge and application of the interpretive theories, especially the reception theory, and their balanced use for the object of study; and the contribution to the development of some of these theories in particular the versions of Mauro Wolf and about Media Literacy.

The bibliography is adequate. Excellent article for publication.– Dr. Ramon Zallo - Chair Professor of Audiovisual Communication and Advertising at the University of the Basque Country.

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