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Referees' reports - 2010

The article presents qualitative research on the role of Spanish account planners within the advertising process. It analyses planners’ profile, their main functions and competences to understand the importance of their performance when developing marketing communication strategies.

In the first part, the paper presents a comprehensive review of theories about the evolution of the planner in the advertising agency, and the way its significance has grown over time and within the advertising agency. This part provides a very rich theoretical vision that frames and helps understanding the history of the account planner and its evolution up until today. It also outlines the changes that the planner has had to experience as a result of the transformations that marketing communication has suffered in recent times. The consumer assumes greater importance within the process, and so do the brand and planning in the media and communication platforms. These changes have contributed to the planner acquiring new skills and new foci for the communication strategy. There are many theoretical references used by the author, a fact we welcome because it provides a full and historical documentation. Therefore, we can determine that the literature used is coherent, complete and up-to-date.

In its second part, the article presents a study about the account planner in the Spanish context. Despite having a representative sample and a methodology coherent with the use of the survey as a scientific tool, we believe this section provides little relevant data. First, in the graph number four, it provides data not only of planners but also of agency managers. We consider this fact does not correspond with the objectives of the investigation or with the sample detailed in the article. The same was detected in the graph number five: It talks about advertisers’ views on the work of the planner it does not specify that the sample included this profile.

We therefore recommend the author to specify and clarify the sample and those surveyed to better understand the results of the study.

On the other hand, the conclusions section is too brief given the importance and novelty of the subject. We suggest expanding this section according to the results obtained. A copy of the survey could also be included as an appendix in order to better understand the application of the methodology of data analysis, because the article does not specify this aspect.

Finally, we recommend a review of the language employed: it uses the first person singular in several occasions, which is wrong in the scientific field. We understand that may be due to a great involvement on the subject by the author, but these aspects of language have to be corrected in the face of its publication.

The article presents an innovative theme that, modified and highlighting more the second part of the field study, would be an interesting article for publication.– Cristina González-Oñate, Ph.D., and Carlos Fanjul-Peyró, Ph.D. - Universitat Jaume I - Castellón.


The article addresses a topic of great interest in the advertising profession: The role of a new professional profile, the account planner, in the design processes of creative strategies and the development of persuasive messages.

The theoretical framework and the literature review are exhaustive and well documented. The methodology is simple but solid, and provides comparative information. The results are relevant and allow a better understanding of the role developed by this figure in the advertising process, and of what should be its future development. The graphs are simple and easy to read, and provide relevant information.

The conclusions are drawn from the results and focus on the most important aspects of the study. The article is well organized and well written, and offers a clear and pleasant reading. The bibliography is complete and updated. It is therefore recommended for publication.– José Fernández-Cavia, Ph.D. - Pompeu Fabra University – Barcelona.

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