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Referees' reports - 2010


The contextualization of the Spanish press is good and interesting and allows the exposition and understanding of the visual treatment given to sports information by El Debate newspaper. The article is a contribution to the historical study of graphic journalism, design and specialized journalism.

To undertake the analysis of written texts, the study follows a methodology based on classical authors. It also explains the body of study, which gives methodological reliability.

It should be noted that the text devotes a section to the exposition of analysis and interpretation of the empirical data. The inclusion of newspaper pages is very illustrative as it allows a direct contact with the object of study. Finally, the bibliography is extensive and specific.

I recommend the publication of the article in the RLCS.– Dafne García-Escudero, Ph.D. - National University of Cordoba, Argentina.

This article examines the first news dedicated to sport and their visual treatment in the Spanish press of the time. The study of El Debate newspaper (1910-1936) and the evolution of its sports content serve as an alibi for a general reflection on the journalistic aesthetics and evolution of the daily press of the moment.

A sequence of milestone sports events occurred among the economic and aristocratic elitism of the first sports manifestations encouraged by the reign of Alfonso XIII and the Republican democratization of the first mass entertainment events. One of the most notable events was the 1920 Antwerp Olympics.

The printed press and the movies advertised the new heroes. From so much exercise, sports news started to grow and their headlines broke their vertical limits of the column and searched for their own section.

Over the years, sports news achieved a strong visual personality to which other iconic elements were incorporated: photographs, graphics and even some pioneering computer graphics which ultimately ended up modifying the aesthetic patterns of El Debate and also the tastes of the new readers.

All that evolution is reflected to perfection in this research, which meets the requirements of a scientific paper, hence its publication is recommended.– Fermín Galindo, Ph.D. - University of Santiago de Compostela.

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