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Referees' reports - 2010


The theme chosen is of considerable interest to political communication and is highly topical. The language and structure are clear and the conclusions are interesting. The literature consulted is relevant for the case study addressed and includes the most important work on the subject matter. The hypotheses are well systematized. Therefore, I recommend its publication.– Rosa María Berganza-Conde, Ph.D. - Professor of Journalism - Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid.

Reports on the article:

The paper can be published provided it takes into account the considerations made in his day.

In general terms, this is a good research work that analyses in depth the content, use, characteristics, and weaknesses of five blogs written by political leaders from Aragon. It presents a form suitable for the analysis of the content and the formal aspects of blogs, which is applicable not only to the reality of Aragon but that of any other community.

This research presents blogs as a rich and innovative tool for political communication. This research tries to establish a number of factors related to digital communication carried out by politicians, particularly communication through the use of blogs.

This article is based on the understanding of the relationship between politicians and citizens as a relationship of interaction. It presents some interesting conclusions. It encourages political parties to use of blogs and other digital tools, not only in elections season to improve the reputation of political leaders, but steadily, and especially in moments of particular interest to the public. The study shows that the use of blogs by Aragonese politicians has ceased to be a simple transitory phenomenon and has become a reality. The study also confirms that blogs are used mostly as a pre-election tool and to a lesser extent as an element of communication to promote democracy. It has been observed that political blogs are used to help to overcome crises and compensate negative opinions caused by questionable actions.-– Koldo Meso- Ayerdi, Ph.D. - University of the Basque Country

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