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Referees' reports - 2010


The article addresses an original and interesting subject. The methodological approach is correct and far-reaching. The results empirically certify something that sometimes those who study the new technologies forget: that the supply is not the same as the demand when talking about participation. In other words, that the potentiality of interactivity offered by a technology does not imply nor guarantee that its user will want to participate or, actually will participate. Moreover, the article is well structured and the writing style fits the expository purpose of the text.– Professor Susana Herrera-Damas, Ph.D. - Carlos III University of Madrid.

Reports on the article:

There is no doubt that this is a research that comes to deepen a line of research that was open and unresolved in Gallardo’s 2009 doctoral thesis La influencia de la televisión generalista en España en el consumo de vídeos por Internet: el fenómeno Youtube (The influence of Spanish mainstream television on the consumption of Internet videos: The Youtube phenomenon). The article invites the research community to resolve the relationship between the user and videos with some questions thrown in the air. Also, as the author(s) of this article affirm, the academic studies on the attitude of the viewer of online videos are almost non-existent.

The study breaks with some prefixed conventions like the idea that viewers interact online simply because they have the possibility of doing so. The article initially questions whether the public has a passive role in the process of consumption of audiovisual content on the internet and finally demonstrates this hypothesis. To reach this conclusion, the author(s) empirically analysed the behaviour of Internet users using a quantitative methodology complemented with other qualitative tools based on observation and interview (in this regard, it seems a little pretentious to consider the exchange of emails with the Department of communication of Google as an interview). This research has successfully resolved one of the problems that it seemed to face: how to analyse and quantify the degree of interaction between Internet users when consuming audiovisual content on the Internet.

Finally, it is important to note that this study opens other important lines of research. – Professor Koldo Meso, Ph.D. - University of the Basque Country.

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