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Referees' reports - 2010


The article presents the results of a metric study performed on RLCS (the Latino Journal of Social Communication) throughout its existence, which is a very relevant subject for the editor of the magazine as well as its readers, because it confirms the importance and prestige of the journal.

There is a quite extensive theoretical exhibition (about half of the article), which might be considered excessive, but it turns out to be useful to understand the importance of the study. The statistical tables are perfectly made and present the situation clearly. The interpretations and conclusions are justified and consistent. We fully agree with the author when he or she claims that this study is pioneering.-- Raymond Colle, Ph.D. – Santiago de Chile.

Reports on the article:

The title and the abstract defined very well the content of the article. The theme is current and presents a rigorous analysis based on an appropriate research methodology that allows establishing the achievements of the journal under study.
The article uses a good research structure and presents conclusions which pose interesting implications for the progress of the journal under study. The results indicate the editorial policy that the journal should follow to increase its impact, visibility and dissemination, especially in English-speaking countries. The bibliographic references are relevant and up-to-date. I recommend the publication of the article.-- Carmen Fonseca, Ph.D. – University of Huelva.

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