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Referees' reports - 2010


The article stands out due to its scientific rigour and the great value of its data. The study offers the results of a R&D project that is backed by a methodology that has been already proven ideal for studying the quality of audiovisual content aimed at children.

Another outstanding aspect is the complete results that allow learning about the topic in a detailed manner. Moreover, the author or authors offer interesting conclusions that enrich the study. Therefore, I recommend the publication of the article in the scientific journal.-- Xosé Soengas-Pérez, Ph.D - Professor of Audiovisual Communication - University of Santiago de Compostela

Reports on the article:

I my decision, the article is ready for publication because it provides an interesting scientific approach to the field of study: it provides empirical knowledge about the role of the protagonist and antagonist characters in children’s television.

Both the methodology and format respond to the demands of the journal. Its language is clear and leaves open the possibility of further research in this field of study.-- María del Carmen García-Galera, Ph.D. - Professor Titular - Vice delegated teaching units and quality - Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

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