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Antonio J. Baladrón-Pazos

Department of Communication Sciences I
Faculty of Communication Sciences
Rey Juan Carlos Universidad (URJC)
Edificio Departamental I, Camino del molino s/n, 28943
Fuenlabrada, Madrid, Spain.
Phone: +34 914888480

Antonio J. Baladrón-Pazos holds a Ph.D. in Advertising and Public Relations, a bachelor’s degrees in Journalism and  in Advertising and Public Relations. He is currently an assistant professor teaching his specialty at the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid, Spain.

In recent years he has carried out various research projects on advertising, immigration and cultural diversity, which have been published widely in scientific journals and presented in academic conferences.

He is the author of the books entitled “Consumo y publicidad para inmigrantes. Claves para dirigirse a un mercado emergente” (Consumption and advertising for immigrants. Keys to approach an emerging market) and “Violencia y publicidad televisiva. De la violencia como recurso creativo a la publicidad como violencia” (Violence and television advertising. From violence as a creative resource to advertising as violence). He has also co-authored the following books: “La publicidad se acerca a la inmigración. Un factor de integración de la diversidad cultural” (Advertising approaches immigration. A factor encouraging the integration of cultural diversity), “Para comprender la publicidad, las RR.PP. y la comunicación audiovisual” (Understanding advertising, public relations, and audiovisual communication), and “Publicidad y ciudad” (Advertising and the City).

He won the Extraordinary PhD award of the University of Vigo, and the Research on Mass Communication award of Catalonia’s Consell de l'Audiovisual